Tim Gunn's Fresh Air Interview

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On Fresh Air today, Terry Gross interviewed the unparalleled Tim Gunn. I'm a huge fan of Gunn's; I've read two of his books and this was a reminder to me to buy the third. His wit, empathy, and class is really inspiring to me. He writes about fashion in a very inspiring way; his first book Quality, Taste, and Style applies Kant's Either/Or to the business of participating in your own clothing choices. The run-down is that, as Kant posits, you can either consciously make choices or your choices will be made for you by the forces of life. Gunn mentions the scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep's character berates poor Anne Hathaway for her cerulean sweater she grabbed out of a bargain bin. Like it or not, Anne has participated in the fashion world, because the sweater wouldn't have existed in the same color if it weren't for an Oscar de la Renta show that showcased the shade a few years back. Because she didn't go out and shop consciously for herself, her choices were made by the purveyors of taste around her.

Okay, I do have some issues with that. She may not have chosen the shade, but she doesn't seem to care about it. It seems that her passions lie elsewhere, and just because the fashion world is 'choosing' her sweater doesn't mean that she is only a palette. The benefit in not caring is that, hypothetically, she has more time for other things.

Regardless, I love Tim Gunn. Love him! "Make it work" is on my pinterest board.

In the interview, he shared that he was a difficult child, and he spent two years and four months in a mental hospital after a suicide attempt. A psychologist named Dr. Goldblatt saved his life by showing extraordinary patience.

Also, Tim Gunn held some swimming records in New England, and his dad was J. Edgar Hoover's ghostwriter. His mother started the CIA library. He also has a very hearty chortle. Who knew?

The audio is here, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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