Zoe Barnes in House of Cards vs. Hayden McClaine in American Horror Story: The Many Sides of Kate Mara

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I'm mostly writing this because I googled it and didn't get any results. At the beginning of House of Cards, I didn't like Zoe because she was reminding me of her character on American Horror Story. Then I was like, 'wait, she's a different person here, give her a chance.' After which, she proceeded to make all the same mistakes she had already made on the other show!

I can't believe someone hasn't already made this chart, but here it goes:

Zoe BarnesHayden McClaine
AppearanceToo much eye makeup, to suggest she's tired/overworkedToo much eye makeup, to suggest depravity
ClothesJeans/T-Shirts with military jacketJeans/T-shirts with suit or military jackets
ProfessionYoung JournalistGraduate student
Love lifeSeduces middle-aged, married manSeduces middle-aged, married man
Taunts Wife of Middle-Aged Man By…Trying on her dress when she's not homeTaking a bath in her house
Glitch in love lifeDiscovers secrets of middle-aged manGets pregnant with middle-aged man's baby
Also gets together with…Another young journalistYoung model/actor/gigolo
Murdered by middle-aged man?YesKind of, technically his partner does it and he buries the body
Is Middle-Aged Man Haunted By Her Ghost?Kind of, her murder is suspected by the younger love interest and he's pursuing the story, but we're still in the middle of this plotlineYes

I'm not saying it's Kate Mara's fault she got the exact same role twice, I just think it's kind of funny. 

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