Hello Kitty Swag and A Solution to Life

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I gave my car a makeover, Hello Kitty style. I'm not going to call it pimping my ride, because I love my car and I would never exploit it. She never has to take anyone anywhere who she doesn't feel safe and comfortable with.

I don't just buy Hello Kitty stuff because it reminds me of childhood or because I'm being ironic. I actually freaking love Hello Kitty. I'm not sure why, but that little facial expression-less cat just speaks to me like nothing else.
Can you look at this and not feel love? Yes? Okay, that's actually a very reasonable reaction. 

This screen-grab from a random website I just found sums up my feelings really well:

There you have it! I equivalent love the slick cat. What can I say? 

Anyway, I think that my car's new look has actually made me a better driver. I know that I look childish and unprofessional with the Hello Kitty stuff, so I feel like I have to prove that I'm actually a responsible adult by doing a really good job of driving and parking. Also, having a collision in a Hello Kitty car sounds really not fun, and totally antithetical to what the Hello Kitty car is all about. 

Here are some similar situations I always avoid because the contrast would be too much:
      *Talking about anything serious while wearing a Halloween/Purim costume
      *Getting upset with students when I'm wearing my t-shirt with a teddy bear and a cat on it
      *Buying junk food in my workout clothes

So maybe I can change my life by just wearing a t-shirt that says, like, "compassionate, hard-working, low-stress, prompt individual" and then I'll act that way because it would be too embarrassing not to. 

There it is, the solution to life. And here's a picture of my car!


Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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