Fast Metabolism Diet Days 2-3

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Day 2 

The first thing I did this morning after dragging myself out of bed was to step on the scale. I had gone from 135 pounds to 133 pounds in 24 hours! Normally, I would think that I had just lost some water weight, but since the diet requires massive amounts of water that couldn't be the case. I felt pretty invigorated by that success to go eat some more fruit on toast!

Today was the second day of the diet, but the first day of working while on the diet. I was nervous about this for a few reasons. First of all, there's the awkwardness of eating while working, potentially talking to a student with my mouth full seems gross. Also, how would I use the app while at work? Isn't that too much phone time?

Anyway, I had my lunch all packed up and ready to go the night before, but all of the food wouldn't fit in there, so I had to also bring a thermos. My co-worker has a huge lunchbox that she says her mother-in-law got her from a Hawaiian store? But I haven't seen anything much bigger than mine at Target. Plus there's no fridge at our work, so I have to put an ice pack in the bag, which takes up about a third of the space. Kids at school must have this same problem, since there are no refrigerators there, either. Plus teenagers often have sports/band practice after school, which means they need food for the early evening as well as lunch. Where are the reasonably sized lunch boxes?

See how my water bottle dwarfs my lunchbox? It
shouldn't be this way!

I got to work and when I ate in front of my first student it was actually not that weird. I just had to take really small bites to keep my mouth available for talking, but no big deal. The worst part was eating a bagel with veggies on it that kept falling off, but I managed! The app also wasn't an issue because you don't have to check everything off right when you do it, so when I had a minute I could catch up on checking the boxes next to the snacks/meals. 

Tuesday is my longest day at work, and being back in a place where I usually turn to caffeine for inspiration to work was a little rough without caffeine. I don't miss the caffeine in a bodily way anymore, I just miss the object, like a favorite t-shirt or blanket. 

I went to the library on my break, since coffee shops and restaurants weren't an option. Going to the library feels so timeless; all of the memories of walking towards library buildings and into library buildings tend to meld together for me and flood my brain every time I repeat the process. I have the feeling of excitement as a girl going to check out books about horses, the collegiate feeling of walking into the Macalester library and knowing I will be all about work for the next six hours, the self-conscious anxiety about waiting in line to get into the library of art in France (which went for an hour and a half), and more recently the authoritative exactness of going to find books for my preschool students that were focused on phonemic awareness or the theme of the month. And walking in, all libraries smell the same. Old books and mellow librarians and a few homeless people finding refuge in the daytime. There's a kind of slow energy that comes from having so much information in one quiet building, accessible to anyone with time. I love it!

The food was good; lots of fruit and grains. This is the stuff that makes me happy: peaches and mangoes and blueberries and watermelon in my lunchbox. Who could ask for more?

By the time I got home and ate a tostada, I was exhausted but not unhappy. My mood changed when, while in the middle of cooking dinner for Wed/Thurs, our water cut out. I had to strain some vegetables in a colander already covered in peach juice from that morning, and leave a sink full of dirty dishes before I went to bed. That added annoyance to exhaustion as I drifted into sleep.

Day 3

Woke up, stepped on the scale, lost another pound! Going into phase two: proteins and vegetables. 

For breakfast, I had a really good tempeh stir-fry (can you call it a stir-fry if there's no sauce?). I had also slaved over some tofu jerky for phase two snacking all of Monday, which I was pretty proud of myself for making. It's not actually work-intensive, but it takes 20 hours to make including 7 in the oven, so the fact that I didn't forget about it and set the house on fire was a pleasant surprise. It tasted pretty good, but it crunches really loudly, which is embarrassing when I'm around people. Lunch was good, too: it's an edamame-broccoli-bell pepper salad. 

When I cooked the dinner, I thought it looked and smelled terribly. I had to spend a lot of time trimming, cutting, and cleaning eight leeks, and the resulting dish was a disappointment. It's basically just leeks and edamame doused in vinegar. Yum!


It actually didn't taste like it looks because edamame can save any dish. I choked it down while watching TV, so I didn't have to think about it too much.

Another major change I'm dealing with is getting up at 6:00 AM every day, a habit I got out of during my sickness. So right after dinner I dove into bed, where I had dreams about accidentally consuming delicious food. Those dreams were bittersweet. 

Marina Gafni

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