Fast Metabolism Diet Day 6

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Day 6

I think that fasting for my blood test messed up the diet, because I gained a pound back. (*Spoiler alert: it was gone again by Sunday.*) This was another grocery shopping day, this time for week two. I already had a lot of the groceries I needed since I want to repeat a lot of the recipes, so it wasn't nearly as expensive or time-consuming as the first grocery trip. I also got a large insulated bag, which I'm excited about since all of my food can barely fit into my lunchbox with an ice pack. Not having a fridge at work is tough, but this is kind of like taking my own fridge with me. Yay!

I packed all of my food for the day into a massive bag to take down to Santa Cruz to spend the day with my sister Hallie who is in town! She's also on the FMD, but she's on phase two right now, which is the worst one. We walked around and shopped and talked and ate our snacks and talked about which foods we would eat if we could. She wants ice cream, I want pad thai.

We watched 'A Most Wanted Man', which I was proud of myself for understanding the entire plot of. Watching Homeland has paid off! It was like that show, except a little faster since everything had to happen in two hours. It's really weird to see Philip Seymour Hoffman onscreen, but as always, he was excellent.

Had the last of the lentil soup and came home to San Jose very late. Ate a bunch of artichoke hearts before going to bed.

Marina Gafni

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