Fast Metabolism Diet Days 12-14

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Day 12

I am facing all of my fears on this diet.

Fear #1: Being at a restaurant and not being able to eat the delicious food. DONE
Fear #2: Going to work early without coffee. DONE
Fear #3: Karaoke without alcohol. DONE

We went to a noraebang/Korean karaoke place on Friday. It's called Arirang, and the Korean guy who ran it was not at all surprised that I could speak Korean? He must get a lot of white people trying to knock his socks off with that skill.

 With a G-Dragon poster, bro. 

I have never participated in sober karaoke since I was a kid playing Rock Band on the PlayStation, but it's not so bad! I saved some money not ordering the over-priced soju, and it was kind of fun to be ridiculous without the aid and protection that drinking offers.

Sober sisters. How sweet!

I ate a ton of hummus with veggies, but the crowning experience of this phase 3 were the blueberry pancakes. Mmm, they were so good. The batter turns out really runny, so I was worried about them, but they actually cooked really well once I got the hang of it.

The pancake on the left is my second try, those pieces on the right are my first.

Day 13

This was that special time of the month for me, so I cleaned a little bit but mostly napped. Usually I can fight through the fatigue with caffeine, but I had no chance without it. I guess that's what my body needed, though?

Amir and I watched the Fisher King at night, which was weird because it had Robin Williams in it. If you're up for some Robin Williams memories, I would recommend it! It's pretty 90's, but he's great, and Jeff Bridges is in it. The premise is that a shock-jock DJ inadvertently causes one of his listeners to go on a killing spree that drives Robin Williams, a victim, to mental illness. Can't write more without telling the whole story, but it's on Netflix Instant!

Day 14

We drove up to Oakland to see our friends Doron and Rachel with their baby, Ezra. I guess I convinced Rachel to start the FMD, too. I'm such a proselytizer! Didn't really miss drinking, despite being the odd one out, which was a first.

I have to say that despite having no one to impress, it felt good to be fit enough to be comfortable in my bathing suit. That's the first time I've felt that way this summer, so it was a big success for me. Feeling good! I ate freely from the cantaloupe on the fruit plate and had some of my own hummus and was happily satiated.

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