Fast Metabolism Diet Days 22-25

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This is the last week! I can almost taste the vegan pizzas and 'chicken' sandwiches now! It is SO close!

The nice thing is that it's been so long since I've had some of the foods and drinks that I felt like I needed, they actually don't interest me any more. I'm not craving sugary desserts the way I used to every time something went awry, and I don't feel like I need to have a drink just because other people are drinking.

Although I mostly ate healthy food prior to this diet, my eating patterns weren't very healthy. I would bring snacks to work but then not eat them because of absentmindedness and being self-conscious to eat in front of my students. Then I would gorge myself on all of the snacks I packed while driving home, where I would make a meal for four people that Amir and I would eat by ourselves. Plus, my snacks were mostly nuts; I almost never packed fresh fruits and certainly never brought vegetables.

This diet has taught me a lot about food prep: by forcing me to prepare and plan all of my snacks and meals in advance, I think I've actually gotten into some really good habits. I have tons of tupperware now in various shapes and sizes, and I'm becoming an expert at storing veggies in the fridge for maximum life expectancy.

Moreover, I've learned the value of being prepared with food instead of frantically running out to Chipotle or Subway for lunch or making pasta with jarred pesto for dinner. It's really nice to know what you're going to eat, and to save eating out for meals that really matter.

After re-reading some disturbing things about egg production, I have decided I'm going to stop eating eggs unless they're coming from pasture-raised farms. I feel kind of disgusted with how eggs are treated in the US. We use eggs for picnic games because they're considered so disposable, we'll put them in things where you can't even taste them (like mayonaise.) I read a recipe for something the other day that suggested hard-boiled eggs should be checked by "sacrificing" one.

Steroid-free chickens don't produce many eggs per day, and they need plenty of space to roam around in the grass if they're going to be healthy. At the rate that Americans consume eggs, it's no wonder that chickens will peck each other to death due to lack of space. The demand from the market for so many eggs that are expected be bought cheaply makes farmers practice unethical and dangerous techniques.

Before I started this diet, I was buying pasture-raised eggs for our house but eating eggs at restaurants without asking questions. This was mostly because I was scared that I would lose the convenience of eating out, but now that I've learned that I can cook so many of my own meals, I feel less worried about that. I've also working through my anxiety about being 'that customer,' who knows, maybe if I have a lot of crazy requests but I'm really nice about it I may change some perceptions about strict vegetarians/vegans.

One of the few brands that is really free-range, Pasture Verde!

It even comes with a little newspaper, which is almost too precious but who am I kidding? I love it!

Two more days!!

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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