Fast Metabolism Diet Days 26-28: The Final Countdown

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The last three days of the diet were not so bad, guys! On Saturday, I cheated on my vegetarianism and had some grilled chicken. Sorry chicken, but you were too delicious to pass up. We went up to Stinson Beach to see some friends, including Rachel who is also doing the diet, which made the whole thing easier. Misery loves company!

Today, on Sunday, I stepped on the scale to confirm that I have lost TWELVE POUNDS since my weigh-in at my physical in July. Four pounds from Bar Method, eight from the diet. Wanted to take updated measurements and compare, but iBooks deleted my originals that I wrote in the 'notes' section of the eBook. Why, Steve Jobs, why? Anyway, suffice it to say I look and feel much better, I might be a little more fit than even before I gained all of this weight, and I've got a thigh gap going that I'm pretty happy with. Yay!

Off to Bar Method!

I made a meal plan for this coming week that includes baking cookies once and going to Veggie Grill once, nothing too crazy but enough to make me feel really, really excited. Here are my resolutions based on my experience this past 28 days:

1. No Drinking Except on Special Occasions (Shabbat Counts!)

There is really no reason to have more than a drink or two a week. At first I was going to say one a week, but since there are four glasses in a bottle of wine and we're splitting it two ways it pretty much has to be two. So one glass of organic, sulfite-free wine on Shabbat, and one for Havdalah. I don't need to 'unwind' every day with a glass of sake, I can calm myself down in other ways, like listening to music and breathing deeply.

2. Run Around 

I think part of the reason that my thighs are so toned now (bragging, sorry/not sorry) is that I started running one or two times a week. I like how running makes my whole body feel exhausted and happy at the same time, and I love listening to good music and exploring our neighborhood on foot. This is a habit to keep!

3. No Desserts

Jokes! I mean no store-bought desserts. If I'm going to have cookies or other baked goods, I want to have the whole experience of making it myself. That means that I won't end up shame-eating carrot cake in the car because it looked so good in the deli section. I learned that I can plan things out and show restraint, I just have to commit to it.

4. Mix It Up

I had a habit of making the same thing for breakfast 5-7 days a week, and packing the same snacks until I was absolutely sick of them. No more! I'm going to make three different breakfasts every week, and at least three different kinds of snacks. Life is short, why not enjoy some variety?

5. No Caffeine

Okay, this one might turn into 'less caffeine than before' as the semester progresses. But despite a really rough few weeks at work I've been able to stay caffeine-free, so why not just stay in the habit? Maybe I will save it for mid-terms, finals, or other times that I need an extra boost.

6. Eat Every 3-4 Hours

This is going to be the hardest one to keep, because it means staying prepared. Which means planning which snacks to buy, buying them at the store, prepping them, putting them in a lunch box, and eating them at the appropriate time. But if I did it for this long, what's to stop me now?

7. Plan Meals and Prep Veggies on the Weekend

Rather than shop for groceries on Mondays (old habit), and then eat frozen pizza that day for dinner because I can't shop AND cook in one evening, I'm going to get the grocery shopping done on Sundays, and prep the veggies that day too if possible. We live so close to the farmer's market that we can walk, so it really shouldn't be that hard to do this.

8. Get Up and Go To Bed at the Same Time

Okay, this wasn't technically part of the diet, but it goes a long way towards cutting out caffeine if you're not completely dis-oriented by bizarre sleep patterns. So I'm going to get up at 7:00 AM every day, take naps if needed, but no sleeping in because that just messes everything up, and after years of struggling with sleep problems, waking up naturally is one of the best feelings ever.

Yes! I can do it! Feeling positive! I just did TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS of no regular bread, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol. So I'm pretty sure I can do anything! I feel like Neo at the end of the Matrix right now.

Peace out. 

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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