Fast Metabolism Diet Week 3

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Long time no write! I know that people are constantly saying they're "really busy" when they're not, but really, I have been really busy. So busy that I spent over a week without checking Facebook or watching TV. It's been crazy.

Week 3 of the FMD brought some revelations for me, but first, let's check in to see what Haylie Pomroy writes about it:

"This is a truly transformational week, where the paradigm has actually shifted. You're believing in yourself. You're believing in your ability to heal your metabolism- and to gain a fast metabolism." 
-Fast Metabolsim Diet

Then she goes on to write that you had better not cheat this week or you'll have to start all over! For me, the idea of starting over sounds like a sisyphean task. Motivation! I lost another two pounds this week, which brings me down from 139 to 127. Woot!

I don't know that I started to "believe in myself" this week, but since I lost so much weight in the first ten days I guess the confidence that I would get back to normal came easily to me.

What I learned in Week 3:

*The best Phase 2 food is sashimi! It costs a small fortune, but it's worth it. Put some wasabi and pickled ginger on it, and it's like something I would choose to eat even if all options were available.

*The second best phase 2 food is egg whites. With spicy mustard and chopped celery, they are actually delicious.

*If you're on an intense diet, Bar Method will let you take a half class! They used to do this for pregnant women before there were modifications available, but I'm glad that option's there for the rest of us, too.

*Peppermint tea is the best thing ever. I'm so over caffeine.

I'm having my doubts about phase 2 being the best thing ever. I feel really deprived during phase 2 every week, and I'm almost positive it's because of the total lack of carbs. There's a chapter in a Skinny Bitch (vegan series) book I was browsing called "Carbs: Eat 'Em, Dumbass" which points out that we need carbs to absorb protein, that they carry out many important functions in our body, etc., etc. I find myself craving things I don't normally think about, like hamburgers. The last time I had a hamburger was July 2012, so the fact that I all of a sudden feel like I can't live without one is unsettling. I think if I need to diet again, I'm not going carb-free, even for a two-day period. It's just not worth it.  In the meantime, I felt really good about finishing this week, because it means I'm on the home stretch! Yes!

And here are some pictures from the week:

Photo for J-Valley News. How wholesome!

Me and my high-school best friend Klara re-united in SF.

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