Night Owl Diaries Day 2

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5:00 AM Twelve minutes to get out of bed today. Not exactly killing it, but not a total fail, either. Prepared for the weather with a coat and gloves. 

5:30 AM Driving to Bar Method, I realize I'm going to be late because of traffic. Need to start leaving the house at 5:15 AM. Ugh.

7:15 AM I learned two things this morning: 1. San Jose is foggy sometimes 2. The news from 5:00 AM repeats on public radio at 7:00 AM. Not just the same stories or the same top-of-the-hour recap, they literally replay the exact same news programming. 

7:30 AM I buy a mug at Peets Coffee, and I ask them to rinse it and fill it with hot water before they give it to me. I'm not at all nervous making this request, I'm so assertive now that I'm a morning person!

11:00 AM All of a sudden, a wave of fatigue hits me. I think I should move to Spain, the siesta culture would work much better for me.

3:00 PM In the library, I can't seem to focus on anything. I don't know if this is because I'm tired or just back-to-school lassitude.

9:15 PM I am tired at an appropriate time! I collapse into bed.

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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