Night Owl Diaries Day 9

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5:15 AM Uh-oh. I need to be out the door in 15 minutes, but my lunch isn't packed, nor are my work clothes, and I have to wash my face, and brush my hair...

5:40 AM There's a policy at Bar Method that you can't be more than ten minutes late. I can maybe, maybe be there at 6:10 AM. But despite both defrosters going and rolling my windows down, I can see literally nothing out of my front car window. Wow, this is really unsafe. I am relying on what I can see out of the side of the car, plus some lights. I remember witnessing a car accident in November on this road, and that's motivation to pull over and wipe down my window. I don't have any towels, so I use the dress I'm wearing to work later. I shove a banana-chocolate chip muffin into my mouth while driving. 

6:10 AM Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles! I made it to Bar Method. But I'm not on the list for this class. I ask the front desk person to let me in, and perhaps because I appear to be in such a rush she doesn't tell me that my face has three distinctive chocolate smears across it. 

6:15 AM I walk to my spot at the bar and look in the mirror. Now I understand why everyone was looking at me that way.

7:00 AM Bar Method's over and I'm getting dressed. I am mid-process when I realize that I left my dress/towel in the car. So I put on a bizarre combination of workout clothes and work clothes to go get it. 

7:05 AM Too embarrassed to go back to Bar Method to change, so instead I'm finishing the job at Peets.

8:00 AM Realize my iPhone has been doused in water because I didn't properly close my water bottle in my gym bag. It seems okay.

9:00 AM Our students are completely unable to control themselves this morning. Apparently, the long weekend was too much unpredictability for them. Too bad, the extra work of recovering from vacation almost makes vacation not worth it for the school staff. A small bubble has formed on my iPhone screen, but it's still responsive to touch. 

3:30 PM After school, I'm at Whole Foods taking care of the grocery list. Being tired makes me crave sugar in a way that I don't normally do. Mostly in the form of fruit juice, which is an expensive habit.  I buy a chocolate-coconut donut and a strawberry-banana Odwalla juice. I eat both in the car before driving home. The donut is the best thing I've ever had in my life? I think so. The bubble on my iPhone screen has spread to about half the screen, so I get a bag of rice to soak it in. Kind of a waste of money for organics, but it's cheaper than a new phone!

6:00 PM Yay State of the Union! This is a great excuse, that comes but once a year, to spend an hour watching TV. Amir tells me I missed the single mention of Israel because I was distracted by the White House-sponsored graphs and pictures. Actually, this format is really weird. I feel like I'm watching The Colbert Report. 

7:10 PM Amir opens up my iPhone and vacuums it with a tiny attachment that I won in a White Elephant. Now we're air-drying it, and I'm phoneless. This experience is teaching me a lesson about proper water bottle closure. 

7:30 PM I would rather eat leftovers than make dinner. Amir agrees. 

7:45 PM Just gonna watch a little TV with this dinner...

9:00 PM OH NO What have I done!? An hour plus of the Kroll Show. Damn you, Hulu Instant Play! This is really not good, especially because I have an assignment due tomorrow for some reading I haven't done. 

9:45 PM Somehow it has taken me forty-five minutes to get my laundry in the washer and get ready for bed. 

10:15 PM Despite my desperate counting down since 4:00 PM (five hours to go until bed! Five hours! Yes!) I have not made it to bed on time. I spent 30 minutes reading in bed (not the article I need to read) before turning off the light. 

Notes: l read on someone's blog that if you get up at the same time every day, your body will adjust to that wake-up time, and it will tell you when to go to bed, because every day is different in terms of sleep needs. But according to my numerous Google searches, no one knows how long your body takes to figure out that wake time is consistent. My mom went to a conference where a researcher said two weeks is the key. But who has time to be an unproductive sugar monster while waiting for this biological change to kick in? This is tough. 

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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