Night Owl Diaries Days 3-4

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Day 3

4:35 AM I am awake and out of bed even before the alarm! I'm thrilled.

7:00 AM I consider getting a cup of tea, but choose juice instead, because I don't need help to stay awake all day. Ha! This morning thing is easy.

12:30 PM After practicum, feeling a little overwhelmed. I have a lot to do! So many students and so much studying. Stress-eat a Chipotle burrito bowl in about 8 minutes.

1:30 PM Trying to solve bureaucratic issue with University that I already worked on with the registrar last Semester. Looking through huge pile of papers on desk that need to be addressed. Planning presentation for the Jewish Community Relations Council. Trying to track textbooks in the mail, but the tracking number doesn't work on the DHL website. It seems like an un-ending battle to keep up with everything. I'm getting grumpy and negative, my sleep deprived mode. My stomach hurts. What if I went to bed, just for an hour...

3:30 PM Whoops! I wake up groggy, still with a stomachache, and even more stressed because now my day is two hours shorter. I guess that "no caffeine" thing was a little over-ambitious.

6:50 PM Walking into the Adult Lounge at the JCC for our Jewish Community Relations Council, I feel re-invigorated. Everyone has such great energy, and I'm excited to present. Plus there's champagne! What could be better?

9:30 PM Instead of running out immediately to try to get to bed on time, I'm wide awake and hanging around, chatting. The nap messed up my body clock, I know it did.

11:30 PM At home, asleep.

Day 2

5:00 AM Are you kidding me? I'm not working today, I'm tired, my stomach hurts, NO. I ask Amir when his alarm is set for. 6:30? Close enough.

6:30 AM I'm up, and feeling bad for messing up my goal. It's because I didn't have tea yesterday. Well, whether it's willpower or tea, I need to adjust both. I'm out of bed with a cup of tea, ready to start my day.

11:45 AM Shamefully, I walk into my old Bar Method class time. It's nice to see my former classmates! I wonder if the 6AM crowd would be more friendly if they came at this time? Maybe afternoon is just a nicer time of day.

12:00 PM My performance is off. Really off. I wonder if there's any evidence to suggest that early-morning athletics show better results? I'm going to google that! (Note: I never actually googled that.)

9:00 PM We just finished eating dinner, but if I wanted to get eight hours of sleep, I would be in bed by now. I would probably also be tired at this point if I had gotten up at 5:00 AM like I was supposed to. Still blaming the missing cup of tea from yesterday.

10:45 Asleep!

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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