Night Owl Diaries Days 5-6

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Day 5

5:00 AM Nothing on the schedule except studying today, but still got out of bed!

7:00 AM First jog in a month, but I beat my previous performance from November. Maybe early-morning exercise really does increase results. It might be because I don't have the mental capacity to argue with myself at this time?

10:00 AM Go to fill out some forms for the district, feeling chipper and responsible!

1:30 PM Uh-oh. I can feel myself getting slower. Drink another cup of tea to make it through.

4:30 PM While I haven't succumbed to my desire to nap, my brain is going about twice as slow as it should. I'm reviewing anatomy that I've studied at least three times before, but it feels like new.

6:30 PM I'm drawing astrocytes with colored pencils, and it feels like the hardest thing I've ever done. The pencil lead keeps breaking, and the size of the pencils doesn't fit my manual pencil sharpener very well. I'm not even annoyed, I'm in a kind of stupor.

Okay, here's the thing: If I stick to this regimen of getting up every day at 5:00 AM for two weeks without naps, it should happen faster than if I drag it out over a month or two. However, I have papers due starting on Sunday, and I just started a new job, so I need some sleep in order to write coherently and to be a pleasant person in the meantime. So...yes. No easy answer here.

7:30 PM Was waiting for Amir to start Shabbat, but I literally can't study anymore. My brain is fried. I also realize that if I want to go to bed at 9:00, I only have an hour and a half to eat, shower, and have fun. Plus, this is my only guilt-free fun time in the week.

9:00 PM Watching Watchmen. Not done yet. Staying up.

10:30 PM Oh, Marina. One and a half hours behind schedule, I'm asleep.

Day 6

5:00 AM Alarm barely goes off because I forgot to adjust the settings before bed. Shabbat morning before 9:00 AM is my free time! What should I do with it? My favorite thing: sleep!

7:00 AM Okay, I'm up. Reading a book in the morning. I feel like a retired person. It's wonderful!

9:42 AM I made it to services only twelve minutes late! There are probably only fifteen other people here. I have literally never been this early before. It's...kind of weird. I like blending into the crowd. Where is the crowd?

11:00 AM I thought this would be insanely long if I stayed for the whole three hours, but actually it seems shorter than coming in at my normal time around now. This is so paradoxical that I can't even offer a theory about it.

2:00 PM My tired-grumpy-defeatist mode is taking over. Not good.

3:00 PM I remember a Rabbi who said that Shabbat is a great day to take a nap. If you insist, Rabbi!

5:00 PM Up, spooning hummus into my mouth like the Police might come and confiscate it at any moment. I think napping makes me more stressed. Whoa.

8:30 PM I am starting to get tired! I start leaving the party that I'm at. I'd rather stay, but it's for the best.

9:45 PM Home! Now, I'm just going to jump into bed...

11:15 PM Never start arguing about politics before bed! Or, if you do, make sure that you place a greater value on stating your opinion to your S.O. than you do on biological needs. Like, sleep.

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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