Night Owl Diaries Days 7-8

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Day 7

5:00 AM
Out of bed, working on a paper. I have what might be described as an inflated sense of pride about this.

9:30 AM Mitzvah Day at religious school! I am ready to help the kids make sandwiches for the homeless. As my mom can attest, I'm somewhat of an expert at this. Our homeroom teacher used to give extra credit to anyone who made more than 50 sandwiches for the hunger drive, and I was a sucker for extra credit. This project is a blast from the past. I remember a Reddit thread about how homeless people don't need food, they need socks, or literally anything other than food. I push it out of my mind. 'Kids, they're going to love these sandwiches!'

1:30 PM There must be...200? 300? 500? I don't know, we made a lot of bagged lunches. I have been feeding off the energy of the students, but now it's time to go home and see if I can fight my naptime instinct.

4:30 PM I'm over the hump! Tricks are: doing active things that require minimal thought (e.g. vacuuming) and drinking green tea. 

9:30 PM Asleep at a reasonable time! Yes!

Day 8

5:00 AM Asleep.

7:00 AM Asleep.

9:00 AM I'm up. What happened? Maybe I should drink some water and lie down in bed while I try to figure it out...

9:30 AM Okay, now I'm really up. I think my body crashed. I'm out of bed and in a weird stupor. I know I had a lot of dreams but I can't remember any of them. My brain is working at about half the pace that it should. 

12:10 PM I'm at a luncheon for MLK Day, and it's the invocation. The speaker tells us to stand up. My neighor says "I'll bet they're going to play Pharell now." They play Pharell. The speaker says "For those of you who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning..." OMG it's me how does he know!? "...time to be happy!" Okay, okay, I'm going to try to snap out of it. The coffee at the table helps, too. 

1:40 PM The keynote speaker is presenting. He was the first black astronaut? I think. Definitely the first black man on the moon. He is a pilot, a scuba diver, a community leader...I am wondering about his sleep patterns. If mine get better, will I be as cool as this guy? Probably not. But anyway I'd be closer to his level. 

9:10 PM Despite sleeping TWELVE hours last night, I'm tired now. This is actually good. I just need to put these muffins in the oven, the recipe calls for 18 minutes baking.

10:10 PM Something is definitely wrong with our oven. One hour later, the muffins are done. I collapse into bed. Last week was a trial period. This week I will be perfect. YEAH. 

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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