Tel Aviv Art Museum and Haganah Museum

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During my second day in Tel Aviv, I went by the Haganah Museum. I owed them a visit, because the last time I was in the city they were actively recruiting me and my family to walk through. (Get it? Recruiting?) Seriously, though, they stopped us on the street and pretty much begged us to come in. We promised we would come back later, but I don't think they were imagining the later to be in two years. 

This time, I was planning on going to the museum, but entrance was a different story. The guy at the front door acted like he was doing me a favor by letting me in with just a driver's license and not my passport, and they started charging a small fee for admittance. Playing hard-to-get, I guess. After I bought the ticket, I wandered through all of the exhibits, and only saw one other person. That person was vacuuming. 

The Haganah was the Israeli Army before Israel existed. The stories were amazing, and the exhibits involved a lot of life-size gray statues. I learned a lot, the presentation was really clear and easy-to-follow even for an ignoramus like me.

    Just chillin'. 

A few days later, I went to the Tel Aviv Art Museum. Unlike the Haganah Museum, they did not accept my student ID, or any other proof that I was a student, because apparently there is some kind of special "universal student ID" required. What is this? I have travelled all over Europe and the US with a regular college-issued ID and never had an issue until now. So, Israel, I hope you enjoy the extra $7.50 you took from me. Consider it a donation.

I was fuming about this injustice as I walked into the first hall, but it was impossible to stay focused on my indignation as I saw the collection. There was a lot of great stuff!

Well, that's famous! Chagall. I used to have a postcard of it on my bulletin board, but the real one was better.

   Hope that woman's keeping her voice down! How did they survive without a partition?

Also famous.

    Life's hard.


This installation was great! It goes for about 3 stories of the building, and it's basically a bunch of cartoonish every-day object replicas.

Outside, this birds statue is often visited by real birds, adding a meta-element.

I got my money's worth from the art museum! It was thoroughly enjoyable.

Marina Gafni

Marina Gafni is a 28-year-old speech pathology student. She lives with her husband in San Jose, CA.


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