Game of Thrones "The Gift": Not Okay, Gilly.

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In last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, "The Gift," things got pretty intense at the wall. It all started when two guys started to sexually harass Gilly, probably with the intention of assaulting her. Luckily, Sam stepped in and fought them. It wasn't much of a fight until the wolf-dog-thing Ghost showed up and saved the day. He took a LOT of blows to the head. Gilly was mostly unscathed.

Sam was in bed, Gilly was tending to his wounds, and then she leaned down and kissed him. On the mouth. Whoa! That was kind of cute. Then about 10 seconds later she straddles him, and, yeah. Sam's not a virgin anymore.

OK, first of all, I'm so tired of movies/shows where a woman is saved from sexual assault by a man, and then has sex with that man on the same night. Women who go through attempted rape in real life are shaken up. It's scary. Biologically speaking, their 'flight or fight' mechanisms are activated, which is the opposite of a romantic feeling. It takes at least a few days to get over that completely. Sure, Gilly's tough, but let's be realistic. It's such a common trope that it's become almost an unspoken rule of fiction that sex is a reward for saving a woman from unwanted sex.

But putting that grudge aside, let's say Gilly was in the mood for whatever reason. And here is a guy in front of her, who has suffered multiple head injuries (and possibly traumatic brain damage) that were obtained just a few hours ago. This guy has promised to abstain from sex, and while he obviously likes her, he's never made a move. Maybe out of respect for her, but probably also out of respect to his oath, that he intends to keep. Actually, he's a virgin, so sex would be a really big deal. And he literally CAN'T MOVE FROM HIS BED. And Gilly's his only caregiver at that moment.

Let's reverse the genders. If it was a girl in this situation, would it be okay if a guy did this to her? That's rape, right? Yeah, Sam said it didn't hurt, and it feels good. Does that make it okay?

In the Game of Thrones world, this doesn't even register as a lousy thing to do to a person. But by 2015 standards, I'm going to say that what Gilly did was not okay. Watchers on the Wall called it "charmingly awkward sex." Beg to differ, gentlemen.

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