About Me

Oh, hello there. Pleasure to meet you.

I'm Marina Gafni, formerly Duvall. This blog serves as a repository for otherwise unpublishable pieces and thoughts that I have on a variety of subjects. The title, Je M'amuse Beaucoup, means 'I think I'm funny' in French. Hopefully, you will too!

There isn't much order here, but there are tags!

Jewish Life: Posts about Israel and Jewish identity.

Health: Cervical cancer, fitness, and cleanses.

Pop Culture: What it sounds like! Mostly movies and music.

San Francisco Bay Area: 'Cause it's where I'm at.

Speech-language pathology: Did I mention that I'm in graduate school? For speech therapy. These are some thoughts on that.

Also, I'm married to this guy. *Swoon*

Peruse and enjoy!


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